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  • Two Scenes in one

    I have a client who wants to have himself and his constituents walking toward the camera in real time. As the camera views this the street, to the camera's left, will have the traffic going by at an accelerated high speed. You may have seen some commercials with things going on within the frame at different speeds. Has anyone tried this? The only thing I can think of is to mask off the street scene, use the block color option, set the selected region to a chromakey green color. Then I would chromakey the the street scene, below on the timeline, to the subjects walking toward the camera. The street scene would be speeded up as it would fall within the chromakeyed area. This is really hard to explain, but has anyone done anything like this?

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    No need to do Chromakey... it's just a trick of recording, that is??? :

    1. That the central people want normal speed "go walking 6 times slower than walking normally" and everyone else can go traffic at normal speed... so you do not lose sync traffic that will to the side of central people.

    2. Apply 600% Speed ​​to clip, and ready... people regain their normal speed and traffic wrath 6 times faster... there is the effect.

    * The % Speed is based when central people have walked slow to differentiate the normal speed of traffic... eg if they are 3 times slower than walking, then 300% speed will apply to the clip.
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      Chroma key the "normal" speed people on an "accelerated" background may be the easiest provided you have access to adequately sized chromakey screen/background. This should preserve a natural looking gait for your talent. Trying to get people to "walk slow" and then speeding it up may introduce unnatural artifacts into their gait and lip sync if that is important.