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    wouldnit load file, says invalid, its a 1.8mb wav file.
    Only selected file types can be attached. You might want to ZIP it to get it legal.
    Also, watch file size limitations.


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      Jim emailed me the sample.

      I put it through Sound Forge, but the results were not great.

      This music sample is so badly clipped, I don't think it can be salvaged.

      There is hardly any dynamic range, the audio meter doesn't move from a peak position.

      Here is the waveform before putting it through "Clipped Peak Restoration"
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        I find that clip restoration software is only really of any use, if the clipping is digital.
        If it's simply the analogue preamp that has 'clipped', then the audio has too many unwanted harmonics 'encoded' within the resultant waveform, which digital peak restoration software can't really do anything about....