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Burning BD out of Edius - MPEG2 or H264?

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  • Burning BD out of Edius - MPEG2 or H264?

    My pc takes an age to burn a BD from the timeline - I've just done a 45 minute 1920x1080i film that took over 5 hours to encode and burn.

    I'm pretty sure Edius encodes to the newer and more efficient H264 files by default, but is there some way I can make it encode to MPEG2? I'm guessing this would encode a lot faster (even on my fairly old XP pc) yet the resulting BD would look just as good wouldn't it?


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    Do mpeg 2 elementary, it is much quicker if you don't have a newer computer, it will use 100% of your cpu to encode, if you are not using Edius 6, I think mpeg 2 looks closer to your original files than h.264
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      Latest Edius 3D beta has MPEG2 in burn to BD disc exporter- juts for note.