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  • pour quality PCE output files

    I found that there is a big difference in a quality of mpeg file (for DVD) between file which was generated by PCE in Edius 4.24 and and new PCE in Edius 4.51.

    New PCE in Edius 4.51 generates blury file without any details. Terrible.

    All was generated from the same source SD file (DV 720x576) in DV project

    Why is it? Is it another bug. Why I cant set field order in PCE 4.51.

    What is the difference between PCE, Generic MPEG and Speed Encoder ? Which is better?

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    Poor Quality - PCE Output Files

    > big difference in a quality of mpeg file (for DVD) <
    It is my understanding that you are attempting to create an MPEG file for use with a DVD.

    >the difference between PCE, Generic MPEG and Speed Encoder<
    Here is my understanding:
    Speed Encoder is for making HDV MPEG-TS files. This type of file is used when copying video to an from an HDV camcorder. The MPEG file I use when creating a DVD is an MPEG-2 file.

    The format is not the same between each type of file. As far as I know, you cannot use one for the other.

    Per the ProCoder book: MPEG-2 is a broadcast-quality video format that is used for DVDs and digital television.
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      The difference was in files made by PROCODER EXPRESS.
      The fille was the same, settings were the same, as I did hundred times earlier.
      DVD/PAL/mpeg2 prog. steam/Optimize for Quality/CBR/8000kbps.

      I was surprised that file which was produced by ED 4.51 was much worst and blury then by ED 4.24

      I tested it several times on fifferent files and the result was tha same.
      Now I turned back to ED 4.24 an I can't confirm it again.


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        DVD field order should be Lower First.

        How do DVDs from the Edius DVD Creator look?
        If you haven't tried, the quality is surprising.
        Set video to 6500kbps CBR and that will leave 1500 for Edius .ac3 audio.
        You can save these files for authoring later.

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          I also,

          PCE for 4.51 give no choise to Lower field for PAL by setting
          DVD/MPEG2 programsettings.
          It is a bug!!!!!


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            Originally posted by Rusty View Post
            DVD field order should be Lower First.

            For the target (DVD) they should always be upper first.
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              Yes PAL is upper field and NTSC is lower field


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                I believed I read somewhere in this forum. IF the DV source: lower field - the rest will be upper field. Hope my brain is still good !
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                  Originally posted by tuyle View Post
                  I believed I read somewhere in this forum. IF the DV source: lower field - the rest will be upper field. Hope my brain is still good !
                  I agree.

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                    All the newest ProCoder DVD presets have Upper Field First for NTSC DVD.


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                      upper field is correct for NTSC DVD and Pal DVD

                      the above is not related to the field order of the source, if the source is lower that is fine
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                        Question about the topic ... Did GV know about this issue (poor quality output files) or do we have to live with it ?
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                          It really shouldn't matter whether you set it to upper or lower, both are "within spec". The only reason why lower is there is some of the really old DVD players wouldn't work with upper. Modern players don't care and will play either fine. Also if the source is DV(which is lower) it again shouldn't matter to the encoder since it will use the first lower field of the dv to either be the first upper(if your mpeg is upper first) or lower. The fact that the new PCE got rid of the option for lower really only recognizes that we are well beyond the ancient players that needed lower. Bottom line I don't think what he is reporting is related to using DV and using either upper or lower in the mpeg.

                          There are a lot of settings inside PCE that can affect quality but your post doesn't really give any detail as to bitrates etc.


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                            By PCE for LetsEdit I can choise:
                            DVD/Mpeg2 Program or Elementair
                            Upper or Lower Field
                            I do CBR 7000 for Film and Images by PAL-Lower Field
                            Audio Mpeglayer_224
                            The codec works fine

                            By PCE for Edius 4'51 is no choise for Lower Field only
                            by Generic MPEG ISO


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                              I have always used lower fields pal 25fps in PCE and no problems
                              whatsoever (still on 3.62 dont like 4-4.51) 3.62 does everything i want
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