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What fixes as relates to 6.06 will be fixed in 6.5

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  • What fixes as relates to 6.06 will be fixed in 6.5

    I think it is a relatively straightforward question with an easy answer. The people that paid their money for a fully functioning editor in 6.06 have a right to know what GrassValley intends to do regarding fulfilling a fully functioning 6.06.

    It seems that GrassValley is heading down a dangerous path. Charging for fixes to software that should have been right to start with in the beginning.

    Or at least fixed with a point update. People newly aware of Edius will be turned off by this news. Of that I am 500% sure. I would not buy from a company that persues this stategy.

    Of course GrassValley needs to make money but do it in a more straightforward manner.

    All this smoke and mirrors has always turned me off of GrassValley. If I was not already involved with Edius(beginning with Storm/Lets Edit) I would not buy into this business model.

    My editing needs are quite simple and I don't need Edius but I do want Edius.
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    I've been with Canopus and now Grass Valley since 1999, since Rex RT, and beleive me they have had the best, most reliable and stable editing packages for fast editing in my opinion. We also have the best most helpfull forum. They have also listened to more user requests than other companys. Just look at how fast Edius has reached from ver 1 to ver 6 compared to other NLEs. Obviously they cannot implement every single request and this may depend on coding restrictions with the current engine. Who knows.

    In this day and age, 'one size does NOT fit all' and you'll always have users on both sides of the fence.
    Sometimes its best to put yourself in their shoes and look at it from their point of view.

    In answer to your original question, there are always some bug fixes in every new point release, we'll have to just wait and see which ones they are.
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      6.5 is announced and will be released in June. Information coming in April.

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