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multi capturing hd format ?

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  • multi capturing hd format ?

    is there a way to capture from two cams in HD format by IEEE 1394?
    I did it in SD format.
    so please help me.

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    There used to be an application from canopus that used to capture 3 DV inputs at the same time called DVCapture, but it was never updated after V5.. dont know why, as it was such a great little program, saved a lot of time as well...hope they will somehow find a way to get this up and running again...still woks in v5 though


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      It looks like the OP wants to up-rez SD footage.
      Unless your camera will do it, the answer is no.
      Besides, 1394 is restricted to HDV (1440x1080)

      Capture in SD and change your Project Settings to HD and see how they look.
      It may be ok.
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        I am not sure this will work but you could try HDVSplit and run 2 instances of the program... it may allow you to select each different source camcorder or deck in the different instances you have open. It is for 1394 capture for HDV source only.

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