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    Can anyone suggest thier best tips for working with 2ch stereo sd footage?
    Ive just finished recording a long wedding and had the on board left channel of the camera mic on one channel and a shotgun mike input to channel 2 on my hvx200 camera .Bearing in mind we shot with 2 cameras then what tips and what works best for setting up tracks so I can work on these cannels seperately.
    Thanks in advance
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    Turn on channel mapping so each channel will have it's own track.
    I do this all the time. You can cut whatever channel you need, fade it in while the other one is still active, etc.


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      We do 2 and 3 camera weddings all day with Edius and my favorite is to have as many channels as there are inputs and even L/R camera mics. Map two to channel 1/2 and add clips here. Then drag only the audio to another track before adding clips from another camera. Pray your cameramen let the cameras roll. Too often, tape runs out on a camera and ambient must fill a gap. {shrug;}

      The nice thing is Edius default is centered mono and with shotgun or lav mics it' a great place to start.

      I mix all vocal tracks to a RT mono output and ambient mics remain in L/R stereo. If the vocals seem to need a stereo sound, there are plenty of stereo VST's that get rendered and removed. (sorry Edius, someday...)

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