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Problem with Windows 2003 server and Edius 4

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  • Problem with Windows 2003 server and Edius 4

    Hello everyone,
    I ran into a bit of a problem. I've installed W2k3 x86, installed all the drivers but in Edius 4 i don't get any picture in player or preview. In the control monitor however I do get the video but after ~4sec of play it freezes.

    The rig:
    Asus DSBF-D/SAS based on Intel 5000P chipset.
    2x DualCore Intel Xeon 5060, 3200 MHz
    6x Kingston (1 GB DDR2-667 ECC DDR2 SDRAM FB-DIMM) = 6gb ram
    7900gt 512 MB
    SB Live!1024 (instead of a X-Fi Fatal1ty with SCP :P )
    4x500GB SATA-II RAID0
    and of course
    EDIUS NX Expansion kit HX-E1

    Does anyone have any experience with Windows 2003 Server and the missing video in Edius 4 ?

    Thanks a lot !

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    Minimum System Requirements:
    • Intel® Pentium® 4 3.0GHz CPU or faster (Intel Xeon® 2.8GHz dual processors recommended for HD/HDV editing, Hyper-Threading supported)
    • 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended)
    • 800MB free disk space for the application
    • DVD-ROM drive for software installation
    • Windows® XP Home or Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or later)
    • DirectX 9.0 or later
    • Graphics card with hardware-based DirectDraw overlay and 32-bit color display at a 1024x768 resolution (128MB of graphics memory is required when editing in HD resolution)
    • ATA100/5400rpm or faster hard disk recommended (Ultra SCSI 160 or better is required for playing two or more uncompressed video streams simultaneously)
    • One free USB port (1.1 or higher) for software protection key
    • Soundcard


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      not useful. I can read reqs too . What if u want to use more than 4GB of ram ? In XP I only get 2.25GB [tried also /3gb in boot.ini, doesn't work for me].
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        Well you're out of luck. It's not supported in 64bit operating systems...although a few people have reported it works ok in SOFTWARE MODE only.

        There are no hardware drivers available for any 64bit OS's for Grass Valley hardware.

        In other words, you're on your own when using something that's not designed to work with Edius.

        The system requirements is what it is...a requirement.

        As far as WinXP, it supports a usable 3GB. Have you tried adding a /PAE switch before /3GB?


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          But if the OS you use it not supported do you really expect someone to come up with a solution?

          Ok let me help.
          INSTALL XP. This is not from the sys requirements but from experience . It works.
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            @STORMDAVE - well dang it. If it's not in the book don't bother right ? x64 doesn't work for me because there are no 64bit drivers for the EDIUS board.
            I also though that mentioning at the end "Does anyone have any experience with Windows 2003 Server and Edius 4 ?" was enough. Tried many mods in boot.ini ...none worked.

            @SRsupport - You haven't really helped me.


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              Are you running the x86 version or x64?

              I am using a Mac Pro with Edius 4.51 and an NX board...does it look like I can ask for support here if it's related to hardware?

              I don't think you're going to get any help here when you're using a non-traditional operating system for Edius. You're better off installing XP Pro SP2 and doing your work there.

              I'm sure you want more than 2GB of RAM because of Adobe applications...just a guess here. Photoshop for example does not even use more than 3GB anyway...

              Stick with XP Pro. You need to read this to see if you can make it work.


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                No, i run the x86 ver. (says so in the top post).
                As far as i am concerned, i don't think i am the pioneer in trying to use a 32bit version of windows 2003 and edius4/nx boards.

                As for your guesses, they are all correct :)

                I do want to find a solution to my problem, and if i do i'll post it here.

                Thanks for the answers.


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                  For the record - Windows 2003 Server is not a supported Operating System for EDIUS.


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                    I took KH's post to just set the record straight, in giving the facts.

                    You either didn't, or you aren't very polite.
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                    Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2


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                      Originally posted by
                      ...and off the record I don't care about your post.
                      On the record, you seriously need to take a look at the way you ask for things and maybe even work on your people skills.

                      Respect people, much? We're not robots here. Your question has been answered dozens of times already, and out of nowhere you had to throw in a personal attack, which makes you look like a fool. Nobody is going to help you out anymore because of the way you ask for things.

                      Grow a brain. Better yet, get a life.