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New Manual for Edius Broadcast?

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  • T-Bone
    I know it does not get you all you want, but you can print the pdf and get close

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  • dregenthal
    started a topic New Manual for Edius Broadcast?

    New Manual for Edius Broadcast?

    First: The new forum is very cool. I like the look and I applaud your efforts at considering our feedback and keeping us informed. Thanks!

    I realize there are many web-based solutions, and that you plan even more tutorials and on-line aids, but . . . is there any hope of a new, comprehensive manual being published in the near future?

    Personally I prefer a ready reference at my side, with an index and table of contents (which doesn't have to share screen space when I am in the middle of a project). I would be more than happy to pay for such a reference.