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? P35 MOBO with NX Exp PCIe & MPEG option

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  • ? P35 MOBO with NX Exp PCIe & MPEG option

    I wish to install my NX Express with MPEG board in a P35 chipset & ICHR9R board. Two PCI-e 1x sockets needed.

    The main issue looks to be the length of the NHX-E2 board and the location of the PCI-e sockets in relation to memory, cooling thing, etc.

    Appreciate in advance info on any known working systems.

    Thanks Ken
    Ken Ellis LA Area
    Edius NX express w/Encoder Module; Edius Pro 4.54; Win XP(SP2); Gigabyte P35C-DS3R; Core2Quad Q6600; 2gig DDR2; ATI X1950Pro;

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    I think that a good choice with INTEL P35 chipset is Gigabyte GA-P35-S3 with 3 PCIe slots.
    A good motherboard (I think) with not big cooling thinks.
    I used 2 of these to built, not a NLE system, but 2 "simple but powerfull" PCs and I was impressed with the construction quality.