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  • "batch" titling

    Hey everyone. Don't mind my grammar, just try to understand :D

    Recently our company started using Edius for editing shows, news etc. They chalanged me to make some sort of software, which could convert multiple titles in txt files (seperated by line break) to Edius titles. In other words reporter should be able to "batch" create titles (without Edius software) - editors job is only to import and place them. That would save us lots of time.

    I designed one title and looked into code (.etl file). What I discovered is that there is sort of XML notation. I tried to change only text content of title and re-import it into Edius. Result: Edius froze.

    Help me move on. I'm curious for any suggestions.

    Kind regards,
    Jernej Piko

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    I just use Microsoft word or another text program that the writer gives me. I open up the text file and highlight the parts of the text I want, and copy (CTRL-C) the text, and then paste (CTRL-V) over to my title program (TMP).

    I've been doing this for years for open captioning. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. But is quick for copying text to a title program.
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      As far as i remember, Vistitle support your wanted feature.
      But i'm not realy shure.
      Take a look at

      Werner Weißböck
      [SIZE="2"]X-trem production, Austria