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Edius 6 is "Optimized" for 64bit. What does that mean exactly??

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    Precisely and with the ability to mask areas CC in EDIUS is really powerful.
    Maybe it is not a problem of 10 bit vs 8 bit but more a I don't know how issue?

    But we are getting off topic.
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      Hi rich.

      Please don't misunderstand what I was saying, I was not suggesting that GV sell themselves short or even rest on their laurels. If you check out some of my previous posts, you will see that I have been quite the pain in the GV *** over the whole 10 Bit issue. The point I was making was that a certain perspective should be viewed over the whole 8 and 10 Bit issue.

      Most people shoot 8 Bit and probably don't have a 10 Bit video monitor. For these people, the 10 Bit path would not make one bit of difference. Dave was suggesting a work around for certain 8 Bit issues. I would go one further and suggest that these banding problems would also happen if viewing a 10 Bit signal on an 8 Bit monitor.

      As for Edius being basically an unknown NLE and taking a back seat to the 3As. Market share is something that does not change over night. Avid was the first main stream pro NLE out of the box, a very long time ago. FCP, was the only fully supported editor on an O/S and platform that also owns the software. Premiere is made by the largest all things multimedia software company on the planet. It's no wonder that those who use Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc. etc. etc. have a dabble in the world of video editing with a piece of software by the company who supply the rest of their multimedia solutions. Starting with Canopus and ending up as a sole GV product, Edius has not had the most stable paths to market, but. I for one have noticed the uplift in perception of Edius over the last couple of years. If anyone is serious about editing they will either know or find out about Edius, I know I did when it was time to find something more suitable when Premiere had lived out it's usefulness.

      If anyone is interested there is a link to a 10 Bit HQX file below in my signature. Please feel free to download it and try some of your own tests, comparing the original to an 8 Bit processed version. You may be surprised with the differences, or the lack thereof.




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        An interesting WEB page on gradients, with implication for 8- vs 10-bit scales, and the results of noise. The 5-bit gray scale is interesting compared to the 8-bit.

        Banded gray scales are probably not 8-bits worth of data, even if stored as 8 bit values. The two or three least significant figures are probably wasted, effectively all the same. Perhaps a processing or compression artifact.


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          RED UNION - sounds good. Yeah the three A's have been established in the software end alot longer. I realize GV has owned Edius for only a few years.
          But one thing to consider: How did the RED camera rise from out of nowhere and become THE CAMERA indy people talk about and want to use? I say it's because RED went out and got Hollywood to use their cameras. I mean why have some multi-million dollar films with major actors (I think a film with Nicolas Cage was one of the early/first) chose to use a 30k unknown camera (Red One) over film (we're talking 8-10 years ago when film was the only thing used).
          I believe RED knew if they could get their product in the hands of hollywood, with it being an affordable camera for many indy filmmakers, then guess what??

          So by the same token. I think all it would take is for GV to bring Edius up to a higher level and maybe have some features not available with the three A's and then PAY A MAJOR HOLLYWOOD FILM TO USE EDIUS to cut their feature and..wholla! You'd have alot more buzz and indy people now wanting to delve into Edius. Easier said than done, I know.

          And finally, I think another hurt for GV Edius is the lack of training manuals, dvs, and other support for it. Have you ever seen a book for Edius in Barns and Noble Bookstore? No, but bet you've seen Avid or FCP.

          Okay, getting way off topic here. sorry. I just don't want to see GV one day discontinue this great software, and I wouldn't be suprised with this economy if future developments of it don't get squelched if not completely go away. :( Let's face it, GV makes their money in cameras, switchers and HARDWARE, not so much in software.
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            This thread is seriously getting off topic.
            I kindly ask to take off topic discussion to the lounge.

            I do want to comment on the training . There are books in several languages for EDIUS 6, training dvds (German and English) and free training video's for EDIUS 6.
            Some of it is here:

            We have Grasscutter trainers and Gold trainers with enormous expertise. Some will travel to do on-site training.

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            EDIUS support and Downloads


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              Years ago, when Apple released the first version of FCP, it seemed to take hold within the film industry and indies almost immediately. Maybe the fact that it was for macs was the primary reason.