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How to blur faces in Edius

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  • How to blur faces in Edius

    How to blur faces in Edius 5.10,anybody can help me...?
    Best Regrets

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    use the region filter


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      Combine filter may hold several Region filters))))))


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        i tried but it doenst works...can u tell me step by step,plz?


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          hi Etuga, let me try to detail it a bit:

          1) select the "Region Filter" from the Effects window (folder System Presets, Video filters) and drag it onto your clip in the timeline
          2) in your "information window", select the "mask" by double clicking on it
          3) for me, the Region filter comes up by default with a rectangle, which I select first and delete with the sissors icon on top.
          4) create a oval filter the size of the face you want to blur
          5) now with the timeline at the bottom, go to the beginning of your clip, position the oval on the face and create a keyframe on "Shape1" by clicking on the diamond shape.
          6) move the cursor on the timeline to a place where the head moves, move the oval over the head again. Continue like this all the way through the clip. Each time you move the shape, Edius will create automatically a keyframe for you on that shape. You can add keyframes in between lateron if required for fine tuning of the position
          7) deselect the outside filter, select the inside filter, and click on the icon on the right hand side (1st one, not the last one). Select the "blur" filter from the list.
          8) click on the very right hand icon on the inside filter to increase the blur to about 50.
          9) if you want, you can give it an outside edge of e.g. 20 px to smooth the edge a bit

          Return back with OK button. You are done !

          Good luck!


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            Thanks ;)