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  • Over 2 1/2hr video

    I'm using Edius Pro and I have a video that is about 2 1/2hrs long. When I printed to file threw procoder express for DVD it split the video into 2 parts?
    How would print to file so it would be one file?

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    Does procoder express allow you to change the type of Mpeg to a "PROGRAM STREAM" ? If so, that would fix your problem - But, is having split files (Video and Audio) a problem??? I prefer it.
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      Dunno whether this help. Since you selected DVD Export in Procoder Express, it will take the Defaulted 4.7GB (DVD5) format which could only easily accomodate up to max 2hrs of footage. Perhaps you may wanna try the b/m;

      Try change the defaulted value from 4700 to 8400(Dual Layer 8.4GB-DVD9 >2hrs) & convert to see if they gives you a single file. I didnt try this before though...hehe


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        What you really ought to do is adjust the bitrate using a bitrate calculator:


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          Have you tried the new dvd export from timeline?
          It seems to automatic calculate the best bitrate for a
          project, instead of procoder express fixed presets (60,90...min).

          First of all I am new to edius, but I took a show consisting of
          3 pieces of about 50 min each and made a dvd from timeline.
          eventhough the bitrate was about 4.4, and the audio 256kb,
          it looked and sounded very good, I guess you don´t have to
          think about splitting files or export to external authering software
          if you first get used to the new dvd export.



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            Over 2 1/2hr video

            Program stream was selected. I mean it split the video in half & even trimed some of the video.
            I'll try to export from timeline & also change the default value to 8400.
            And what about in advanced options when it asks how many minutes on a DVD, 60-90-120.
            Might that add a problem as well?

            I should add that I'm using Edius Pro 3.61 and Pro Coder 2 Wizard.

            Thanks for the info!
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              If you are saying that the video split so that it would have to be on 2 different discs, the Torsten is correct in that your bit rate is too high and needs to be adjusted. Using the link that he provided will help you see how you need to set the bitrate in order to get it on one disc.