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HELP Lost AVCHD support and QT export in a reboot

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  • HELP Lost AVCHD support and QT export in a reboot

    Was happily editing this morning. Including a project with some Sony AVCHD footage. I went for lunch and shutdown my computer. Rebooted when I came back and ALL my AVCHD footage in ALL my projects is no longer supported!
    (there is a clip on my timeline bud Edius 6.06 shows a checkerboard preview monitor)

    I've tried to relink... No luck there. Then I created a new project and tried to import some footage (which plays perfectly in VLC player) and Edius "could not open file".

    diffrent footage say Quicktime 10bit uncompressed or Blackmagic 10uncompressed 444 is still showing fine.

    At the same time my QT export presets are all GONE. When i try to use the Quicktime exporter and hit "settings" EDIUS quits without any message at all.

    I've reinstalled Quicktime. and havent got i-tunes installed on this machine.

    I really hope any of you can help me solve this.

    Kind regards,


    Specs: Intel 2 Quad @8200 2,33Ghz 4GB Ram Win 7 64bit
    Geforce GTX 550 ti 1GB

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    Hey Everyone.

    OK so I've solved the forementioned problem by reinstalling Windows.
    This time I've made a back-up of the windows partition with Edius installed when everyting works fine, instead of a system restore point wich didn't really help me. Just incase...

    However this is the second time this happened to me.
    The first time I took it as an opportunity to upgrade my system.
    This time everything was working just fine when out of the blue my AVCHD support and Quicktime Export dropped.

    All the other programms I'm running (Adobe After Effects, VLC, Da Vinci Resolve) don't seem to have any problems at all.
    I would really like to know what the problem is so I can solve it more quickly next time it happens. (let's hope it doesn't)

    So if anyone has any idea I would really appriciate it.

    Kind regards,



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      It sounds as though you may have automatic updates enabled.

      Whilst having a backup image is always good practice, I supplement this by having my boot drive housed within a trayless caddy; the boot drive is for programmes only no data or scratch disc usagle. Being in a caddy allows very easy removal of the boot drive

      I then cloned my boot drive and now in case I have a problem with the boot disc I just slip in the cloned disc and return to work and sort out the problem with the original disc at my leisure or if that fails clone the cloned disc onto the original

      Above all obey the golden rule and make a backup before adding any software or updating Windows (sorry if that is teaching you or other readers to **** eggs (it will not allow me to write s-u-c-k))


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        Hey Col,

        Thanks for your reply.
        I will definitely be backup-ing more frequently. I'll look into your suggestion about the switchable boot drives as well. Fortunately I was working on a small informal project and there is no real damage done.

        Just to be extra clear. You suggest to disable my windows auto update?
        I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. Editing has never been my core business.
        In return you can ask me anything about camera-technology, lenses or lighting ;-)