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  • trouble with filter


    when I add a filter, such as Mercalli 2.0(proDAD), Color Fixer Plus (Video Essentials for EDIUS), Touch Up (Video Essentials for EDIUS), I see some green lines on preview.

    I thought that this may be bugs only for preview. But, when I export this project, those green lines still appeared on screen.

    There are no problems all other time lines.

    I know my English is so bad. If you need further infomation. I will more than happy to write.

    Please help me.

    I attached a image. This is what I called "some green lines." There are white lines you will see this time. I do not know why but sometimes these lines turns into green.

    Thank you.
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    It looks like a preview problem.
    How does it look if you render the filters?
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      Looks like an interlacing issue to me, not white lines. It could just be preview settings as mentioned by Rusty. But if it's on the rendered output, you should check your file and project properties.



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        Can you tell us what your source materials format is... and your project settings.... which camera are you shooting with?

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          Thank you

          Thank you for
          Rusty, jaegersing, and NakedEye.

          I will write toonight (Japan standard time).

          Now, I am on shooting. But, I really want to say thank you for all!