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  • Multitasking with Edius

    We have noticed, that when editing with Edius, and you are playing back the video on the timeline, and you open up other software, the playback halts. For our use we would love to have the playback continue while working with Word, etc. Is this normal? Is there a fix planned? We are using version 6.01

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    That's they way it works if you move focus from EDIUS playback will stop.

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      It would be nice if that could be changed in a future release. Another case where the current behavior is less than ideal is when applying a filter in Mercalli. Analyzing the source material can be slow (a fraction of realtime in HD), and as soon as the focus shifts to another application the analysis stops. Since the analysis doesn't use multiple cores efficiently, there are plenty of other things one could be doing while waiting, but the stop-on-loss-of-focus issue prevents this.


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        That playback stops when switching apps is understandable but that filters like mercali2 will halt to a crawl pretty soon is indeed locking down the entire system while analyzing. It would be great to have it continue even when switching to other app while waiting to complete the analysis.
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          I'm glad you can do other tasks while Batch Export is running!
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            The Mercalli analysis doesn't crawl when the focus is lost, it stops. I suspect that is because the code path is the same as playback, Mercalli is essentially asking Edius to play the video so it can analyze it. I have a twelve-core system and this process uses around 15% of the available CPU power, yet I can do nothing else during that time.


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              We have been here before but nothing has changed sadly.... It would be nice to have options here.

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