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  • GrassValley_SL
    Just a quick note. If you are switching from another nle or are using the EDIUS trial please take the time to get familiar with EDIUS.
    We have some free tutorials and you can also ask questions on the forum.
    We will not reply to requests which are in read the manual - or I can ask how it is done category.
    Enjoy editing with EDIUS. :)
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  • GrassValley_SL
    started a topic Feature requests

    Feature requests

    Feature request should be send to one of the forum moderators via PM.
    Any threads which are just feature request will be locked .

    Make sure before sending a request that it is not already possible with the current EDIUS tools set.
    Check the manual, watch the free tutorial or ask fellow editors on the forum first.

    This way we will get solid requests which we can get to the right people faster. :)
    Remember making a request is not a guarantee that it will be added to EDIUS.

    Thanks for the effort. We know the change takes a bit getting used to but will be more efficient.
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