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  • GV you aren't getting it!

    It makes me angry the way this forum is being moderated. For that matter, the way the whole Canopus product line is being handled.

    GV's--lack of interest--in incorporating Imaginate-style pan zoom features is creating a stir among many respected users. In an informal poll about 90% of respondents rated it as "very important" to their productions. The thread was very active with STRONG praise for Imaginate and 100% unanimous agreement on the need for Edius support (or similar plug-in).

    In Hiro's day, that input would have been inspiration for something new and exiting to follow. Fast forward to today, and our opinions are discounted and marginalized with Kennerly closing the thread saying "I think this has run its course".

    Edius was wonderful 3-4 years ago, but let's not kid ourselves about the huge trade-off we are making for realtime Edius NX. Almost every other editor has soooo much more in terms of key framing and filters. It has been way too long since we have seen a new filter. Way too long.

    Go ahead...ignore and marginalize your users GV. You obvioulsly don't want or need us.

    Bob Hatton
    MarComm Media

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    Sad, but I get the same feeling comin on, especially the moderation, being treated like naughty school kids for asking too many questions. Maybe it reflects the way the GV corporation is run ( as are many others ).

    Edius Edits at:

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      GV is to big really to be interested in Edius that's why we are seeing no new filters.

      I would like to say that I can see them selling of Edius (Canopus) I think it is to much of a burden, as they are really interested in broadcast products that they are really known for.

      E4.5 was in my opinion just to make it look a little more upmarket


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        I agree,

        With the deletion of the entire old forum knowledge base to the take what we give you and be happy with it attitude of Edius 4, I am looking around.

        I love Edius, but not if it is going to paint me into a corner.

        I can't upgrade to 4.5 because I have active projects with a lot of imaginate involvement.

        Not that we need a massage here, but give us some news!

        We are using this software in a paid situation, and time is money.

        I just see it as disrespectful to release updates that break major features.
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          GV's--lack of interest--in incorporating Imaginate-style pan zoom features is creating a stir among many respected users. In an informal poll about 90% of respondents rated it as "very important" to their productions. The thread was very active with STRONG praise for Imaginate and 100% unanimous agreement on the need for Edius support (or similar plug-in).
          Well, what you'll say when it will be integrated in Edius 5.x? Say, 3D PIP with pan and zoom features? Maybe that is the reason they do not want to support Imaginate any more?
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            Whilst I am also frustrated with the current Imaginate situation, I do feel that GV deserve the benefit of the doubt and they most certainly have my support!

            In the event that GV happened to be working hard to integrate a solution with the same or better functionality of Imaginate into their next version of Edius, it would be completely understandable that they would wish to keep this sort of information under wraps because giving too many details away to competitors could compromise them commercially. If they are compromised, so is Edius and so are we the users!

            For what it's worth I personally would like to encourage GV to continue developing Edius to its full potential which I believe is considerable. Please GV keep up the great work.
            Andrew Whiteley

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              I have been following this forum a couple of month,
              and what I undstand, is that this update was intended
              as a maintain/interface brush up to make it into the GV famaly
              og products.


              PS. ordered Edius yesteday.


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                Some of you guys are so far off it isn't even funny. As someone with more information than most of you get, I just have to tell you that you are 100% wrong. The changes in regard to internal feedback is enormous. There is more attention being paid to user input now then in the last 5 years easily. That attention is just now trickling its way into Edius. You will see other changes coming.

                Please don't think that you will not see some type of hi rez pan and zoom function incorporated into Edius. I do not know exactly how it will play out, but GV is well aware of it and will not let it go by the wayside. Just because someone tells you that a PRODUCT is not being developed further, don't take that as saying that the FUNCTION is being dropped. Due to company policy, they just cannot say any more.

                One thing you have to consider is that with personel changes, it takes time to get up to speed with something that someone else has started. Programming changes and limitations have to be rewritten and incorporated.

                Just for the record, Imaginate is still usable. Simply do your project in Imginate, export it as an avi, and then import that into Edius. I realize this may not be like some of you prefer with the ivp files going into Edius and stretching it to length, but it will work. Too many act like Imaginate is unusable (I just used it yesterday).

                AFA the thread being closed, it has been clearly stated that the forums are for technical exchanges of information and that editorial type posts will not be allowed. I am actually surprised that some have been allowed to go as long as they have. I think this one too should and will be locked/eliminated per the current forum rules.

                I own my own business and will use whatever product helps me make the most money. There are strengths and weaknesses in every NLE. I also own/use FCP and for most day to day editing, Edius runs circles around it. As we have always said, use what works for your style of editing.


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                  yes Daddy....
                  Trey Sharpton
                  In His grip!


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                    Unfortunately the posts above look to be the stark reality (or is it???)

                    I worked for Broadcast networks for 18 years and finally took the leap and opened a production house in Australia producing Films (docos) and TV commercials about 12 year ago. With the high costs of equipment for small operators the DV Raptor (a few years ago now) was an amazing piece of gear at an affordable price that allowed me to survive in the market place.

                    To cut a long story short… I followed the Canopus products through their evolution up until the current NX systems and Edius 4.5.

                    I must admit that during this time I ran an Avid system and a Final Cut Pro system side by side with the Canopus gear (I have a few people working for me). For many years the Canopus gear outperformed (workflow) the others although it has caused a lot of pain ie bad updates, no support in Australia etc. etc. but persistence paid off.

                    Now I can confidently say that GV (or Canopus) has fallen behind… in some areas.

                    A non professional that does not rely on software/hardware for a living may be happy to put up with crashes, bugs and lack of features but PROFESSIONALS CAN NOT!

                    There needs to more testing before release!

                    Don’t include a feature in a software package unless it is TESTED properly first. I feel as if the users of EDIUS have become the GV testing department and are paying for the privilege.

                    These may be harsh words but as a formally devoted Canopus Professional user, the current situation with Eduis has prompted me to make an emotional response after wasting 13 hours with a client sitting beside me trying to finish a project on Eduis (I had to re-build it on Prem Pro to get it done)… I now have been awake trying to finish this simple project for 53 hours strait!

                    I hope that Eduis is improved soon it’s a … not just a fancy interface but real features like a proper DVE (3D effects) proper crop (not a frame mask) and stable compatibly with my 8 terabytes of projects built in Edius 4.1 and 4.2.

                    Looking forward to news on Edius everyday!


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                      Sorry, but in my humble opinion, the rendered avi out from Imaginate is awful quality, totally different to the ivp when using decent resolution images.

                      Edius Edits at:

                      1) AMD 3900X 12 core 4.6Ghz 2) Asus X79 4930K 6 core @4.4GHz Water Cooled. 480GB REVO3x2 System drive, 4TB Raid 0, 4 TB E-Sata Raid 5, 32GB RAM, GTX1070Ti Decklink HD Extreme. 3X Sony AX53 Sony AX700 BMPCC 4K



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                        I was told one year ago at NAB that Imaginate-like pan zoom was going to be in Edius...never showed up.

                        I sooo agree with QFrame's post. Edius was great, but now lags behind. Better late than never--DOES NOT apply to video editing platforms. Do you know how embarrassing it is to tell customers, I can't do a basic keyframable speed/slowdown, or other basic things like Alpha Channel stuff. Give me something I can get aherad of the pack with and I don't mean "Multicam" (useless). Telling clients--I might have those capabilities in the next release sometime within the next year--really doesn't cut it.

                        GV--Marketing Dept. is asleep. If you have features coming out. cut off the competition and issue a press release. Get the buzz going in the forums so we will forestall purchasing FCP! My customers are leaving Canopus and I can't fault them.

                        Bob Hatton
                        MarComm Media


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                          Just a quick followup to those who say it is wise to hold off announcements to stave off the competition...

                          #1. What competition doesn't know about pan-zoom plug-ins for photographs?

                          #2. Even if GV has a wizbang like pan-zoom for video...if they are 80% into development cycle--announce it! It would take months for anyone else to get to that point and still beat you to market. Loyal users would easily wait another quarter for delivery.

                          On the other hand...if you aren't that far in development don't announce. Be secretive. That's OK, because, my business can't wait for it anyways.

                          Bob Hatton
                          Marcomm Media


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                            Originally posted by bhmm9999
                            and I don't mean "Multicam" (useless).
                            Bob Hatton
                            MarComm Media
                            This has saved me so much time since I swapped from Premiere, admittedly 6.5, but it really is differing needs by different people.
                            Microsoft MVP in Digital Media

                            Edius 4.61, NX Express, xp sp2


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                              I close threads (like this one), because they are considered "off topic" (see the post in the announcements forum).

                              True, they may be discussions of Grass Valley products, but the very purpose and nature of this forum is very simple and to the point.

                              "I have a question/problem with EDIUS/ProCoder/ADVC. What can I do?"

                              (and then the answer follows)

                              In essence, this forum is an organic knowledge base.

                              What is it not, is a public podium for people to stand up and complain/vent/suggest how Grass Valley should be run and operated. This is not to say that opinions are "discounted" or "marginalized". It is to say that this is not the place for it. If you want things to change, write a letter - a real one. Something that's real and tangible and can be put in front of people.

                              Some other things:

                              1. Imaginate, as great a program as it is, has ended development due to the grey matter responsible for its construction either moving on to other ventures, or being retasked with EDIUS development. Like it or not, EDIUS is the flagship product which a lot of GV departments rely on - not just the-company-formerly-known-as-Canopus.

                              2. Information does get posted in advance, but there are clear examples of the folly of announcing too early in a product's development cycle. Those with more than a passing knowledge of Grass Valley will know precisely what I'm talking about. On the issue of Imaginate, nothing is known, and that honest to gospel truth on that matter.

                              3. Brandon and I actually do work within the Marketing group. What gets said here does get recited. On that, our work here as Moderators is purely voluntary. This forum happens because we (and Mike) are prepared to give our time outside of our MarCom roles to help out with the running of it.

                              4. If anyone feels genuinely bereaved over the closure of a post, they are welcome to PM me about it, but understand that 99.99% of the time it will be directly related to an infringement of the posting guidelines as outlined in the announcement forum, and other places within this site. We all have rules to follow in the end, whether we like them or not.

                              If you don't like the rules - in other words - you don't like the intended purpose of this forum, then you certainly don't have to stay here and be treated like a "naughty schoolboy." There are numerous online resources and venues out there to discuss video editing - be it with GV products or not.