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    After being referred to Edius by a friend, I have been checking it out, but have some questions, as I am much more familiar with the workflow of Sony Vegas.
    1. I am assuming Edius video is 0-255 on the RGB scale, but I do not see a histogram function for that, nor do I see a levels control. Am I just missing that functionality? How can a clip's RGB color be set to 16-235?
    2. For footage that needs deinterlacing, is it necessary to right click on every clip and set the field options control for it?
    3. What does the AE Bridge function do?

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    EDIUS edits in YUV. We don't convert YUV video to RGB.

    Under usersettings we have adjustments which can also be done on clips directly if needed. (see attachent)

    The manual which you get by pressing F1 has a good explanation of what they do and what to expect.
    Please go to pages 237and 238

    Ae bridge is to let compatible Ae filters work with EDIUS.
    Please see our compatibility guide a sticky in this forum.
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      In Edius the equivalents of Vegas Color correction, Curves and levels are covered with 3-way color correction, color wheel, color balance and YUV Curve under video filters. Matthew Scott has generated great tutorials

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      Ron Evans

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        ....and Matts tutorial are very good !
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