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Restoring P2 files that fall offline - potential/probable bug...

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  • Restoring P2 files that fall offline - potential/probable bug...

    I wanted to bump/send notice to a previous thread:

    It looks like we're having trouble restoring P2 clips that fall offline. For example, in a recent project, I must have started editing/importing from my external USB drive, rather than the files I copied to my raid. When I open my project, and with the external drive offline, my media gets the checkerboard pattern - however, I can't restore them/point them to the files on the raid.

    My only resolution so far was to rename the raid drive letter, and place the previously transferred P2 files in a similar path structure - the files lit up again.

    I'm guessing this is a bug with restoring P2 files - and should certainly be a point of caution to folks with P2 projects and how you house/path your files (I've had good luck for over a year now - this is my first gotcha).

    Please let us know what possibilties exist, and if this is indeed a bug, etc. Using the current version of Edius 4.51c (I believe).


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    Originally posted by tarkken View Post
    however, I can't restore them/point them to the files on the raid.
    Do you simply not get the options to relink? Or you do, and get an error (mismatch)?


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      I can navigate to the 'new' .mxf (I believe in the clip folder), and click on it - it even shows a small preview thumbnail of it in the lower left - however, the 'ok' button (or whatever it is) is greyed out - can't finish the association.

      I'm guessing you could test/recreate this - importing p2 files from one drive, and then copying the same files over to another driver - assuming in a different path/folder structure. I can't get mine back online.

      I had to rename the drive/raid letter and mimic the path - then it saw it.

      It seems as though it's hard wired to the first path, and won't let you change it if the drives/paths change...



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        Originally posted by GrassValley_KH View Post
        Do you simply not get the options to relink? Or you do, and get an error (mismatch)?
        I can choose the option to relink, and all clips work fine(when using the folder-restore), but you simply wount be able to restore a spanned P2-clip, even if you find the right file, edius you allow to click "ok" to restore the clip, even if it is the exact right yes, there is a bug...still..!
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          I have also had random problems when using P2 select in 4.5. All the clips come into the bin, I finish the project, but when I pull out my P2 cards, some of the clips "unlink" in the bin and still show a path to the P2 card instead of the server/hard drive where I "select" them to go. When I check the hard drive/server, the "missing" file clips are there, but can not be relinked to the timeline of the project/sequence. After closing, restarting, relinking, I checked the properties of the the missing clip on the timeline (right click the edited clip on the timeline and choose properties) I get NO path - just the clipname. Meanwhile, the P2 select version of the clip in the bin exisits. The only work around is to bring the clips into the project bin again from the hard drive/srever and re-edit the missing portions in the timeline. This has happened twice since upgrading to 4.5. There is a bug in Edius 4.5 not rewriting the file path when copying clips. Any one else have a similar issue?
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