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Edius 4, Procoder Express and DVDit HD

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  • Edius 4, Procoder Express and DVDit HD

    Hi guys, learning all the time, and what a minefield!

    I've been creating some hi def content captured from my Canon HV20. It's 1440x1080i PAL 25P content. Now...all well in Edius and so on and I've burnt a disc using Nero to both a blu-ray disc (Pioneer burner) and an 8.5GB DVD disc which both play nicely on my PS3 through my Sony 1080p projector! Wicked stuff!

    Now it's all gone a bit **** up. I've bought DVDit HD and anything I try and import from Edius fails to go in, it says it has to transcode...tried everything from the roxio forums too. Remember I'm PAL not NTSC.

    I recently saw a post where Procoder 3 has been given some new profiles that allow you to export to Blu Ray formats that DVDit Pro HD accepts without hiccup! Can anyone tell me if there is a workaround for Procoder Express or not? This is causing quite a bit of pain.. :(


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    25P is not a legitimate Blu-ray format. 24P and 50P for PAL.

    It's in the help files.
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