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    My Pioneers have produced the most consistant burn quality but they don't allow bitsetting. I recently bought a Samsung and had to RMA the first one, but the second one seems to burn pretty decent discs and allows bitsetting of DVD+R discs. I also bought a Sony on sale recently for one of the non-video editing computers. It burns pretty nice discs but a bit picky about the media and shows read errors using Nero Drive speed. The Pioneers even consistently burn cheap office supply store spindle media, but I would'nt use that media for anything critical - mostly proofs. Onr thing I like about the Samsung and the Sony is they support DVD-RAM - not critical for most people, but my Panasonic set-top DVD recorder uses DVD-RAM disks and I transfer a lot of TV shows from that device to the computer on DVD-RAM for editing out the commercials (I'm a Whose Line is it Anyway freak!).

    Using the Nero test program, the Pioneers (107, 108 and 112) burn quality even on cheap media is 95 to 99. On good Verbatim media it's always 98 or 99.
    The Samsung quality varies from 92 to 98, and the Sony burned media is 88 to 99 - the 88 being on the cheap office supply store stock.

    I just got a bad batch of MAM discs that were terrible. The burn quality was all over the place from 55 to 85. I could see that the dye looked a bit funny and there was a blemish bubble on the inner hub. Both of those spindles are going back, but other MAM discs of the same stock number have been fine. So far, Verbatim discs have been the most consistant performers for me.

    Hope this helps.



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      Have you tried to flashed it with a newer firmware, there is a lot on
      A computer with a lot of stuff in it :)