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  • Speed filter studder question

    A few days ago I shot a project called Tablescapes. It was at a church where the ladies competed in table settings for a special fund raising. There were way to many pulls, pushes and pans but really probably the only way to have some movement in the video and show the table settings up close in detail. I was very careful to keep every movement as slow as possible. However, as I was setting the footage to music there were times when the clip was a little fast so I applied the speed filter. Most of the time it was at 75 percent or less. What I have noticed is on many of the clips there was a slight studder or shake induced when applying the speed filter. Is there a certain percentage that is not usable when slowing down the speed of a clip? The project settings and the camera settings were full HD 1920x1080i.


    Ronnie Martin
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