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  • Massive performance improvement

    I just made a tweak to my i7 system and am now getting a huge performance increase.

    If you are on win7 x64 make sure your color managements are at the system default.

    Go to control panel, color management

    then go to the advnaced tab.

    If the 1st option is sRGB virtual device model profile then change this to sRGB IEC61966-21 or similar. (If the rest of the options are on system default you should be fine)

    The virtual device model has a massive performance hit on your system.

    Should help with Media player too if u keep getting errors when playing video there.

    For me, Prodad real time performance has doubled for HD projects

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    sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is the default, something must have changed the setting on your system.


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      yea i know it is - I did not change it - some app did - this is why I am mentioning to everyone to check to restore performance


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        when i go to control panel, there is no color management


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          Hi Jim... in Win7 after opening control panel just type color in "Search Control Panel" box to find Color Management :)