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Multiple Bins (2nd)

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  • Multiple Bins (2nd)

    Sebazvideo asked in the 6.06 tread:

    >>>> What do you mean? You can create folders very easily in the bin, and if you drag an AVCHD structure, Edius replicates it in the bin. It's very easy to organize footage in Edius, how else would you organize it? <<<<

    I would give an answer to this, because i think it's realy realy important for the whole User Group of Edius.

    We edited most in Avid Liquid, Avid MC and a little in Premiere Pro. All these NLE had the possibility to have more than one BIN windows opened in the same time. in Edius you only could have opened the BIN and then there you have your folder structure. We are working on large Projects where we have 3-4 Cameras. All Clips of one CAM was moved into one bin. So we had BIN 1-4 for CAM 1-4. We placed all 4 (BIN) windows on the monitor so that we have an overview with only one view on the monitor. There we could opened all BIN at the same time, to look inside which clip we could use. We do a lot of fashion shows and event videos, which we edited on this way. OK, please dont say, Multicam editing, because the material is not filmed continuously.

    At this time we use Antons workaround, where we have opened Windows Explorer, which we have set to thumbnail preview. So we have opened 2-3 Windows explorer to get the job done. Problem here, no double click to get the clip into the source viewer. we have no green mark, to see which clip is used and a lot of others inconveniences.

    So i hope, you could understand, why this feature is realy wanted.
    By the way, i could not understand how other Studio get there work done, when they have to edit 50-60 min projects, with 4 cameras and a realy hard time limit for finishing the work? as everybody knows: time is money !

    For me personal: i realy would spend some extra money for geting this feature !

    Werner Weißböck
    [SIZE="2"]X-trem production, Austria

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    I woudl like to have possibility to open MORE TIMELINES insteed o bin.

    Two timelines ( sequences ) in separate windows side by side (or one above another) and You can DRUG AND DROP clips from one window to another.
    Easy and great.


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      This is not a request forum. Please post things in the correct location.
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