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Help with 8mm Cine, Prores or other format which is best?

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  • Help with 8mm Cine, Prores or other format which is best?

    I am planning on having some footage transferred from Standard 8mm

    Client has requested the best quality, DVD and Bluray. I was thinking to get a transfer done from the film to Prosres since the company doesn't support transfer to Canopus HQ. (shame really)
    I am wondering which format I should use on Prores, file size is no issue since I am sending a big Hard Drive to take the footage.

    Is the top Prores 4444 ok for using in EDIUS 6.05.
    Or would I be better with a lower setting, if so which one do you think would be best?

    I also am wondering if it would be better converting the Prores to Canopus to edit or does Edius not mind?

    The final output is to be to DVD, but I aim to get the transfer done in HD
    PAL. I also have the option to take a few additional file formats, and am wondering if I should also take an SD AVI File also of the same thing, to try and get the best quality for the DVD and use the Prores to Bluray.
    I know people always talk about the down conversion from HD to DVD in EDIUS as not being the best method for absolute quality.
    Advice welcomed.

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    Just to clarify the original source footage is 8mm Standard 8 Cine approx 800 feet (2 reels of 400)


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      If you have ability to work with uncompressed than ask for v210 MOV. Put through free DaVinci Lite for final touches/grain managment and export v210 HD and SD MOVs (downscaling is really good in Resolve). Bring them to Edius and either work on uncompressed (Edius 6 reads v210 MOVs natively) or convert to HQX Super Fine.
      If you can't work with uncompressed ask for ProRes 444 (for DaVinci work) and than export as ProRes HQ.


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        You may want to look here to view the Prores variations:

        Prores 4444 will be way overkill for the type of film that is being transfered.
        On the other hand, if you are going to convert to HQ, this should work fine.
        It will work as an RGB master going to HQ. It just depends on how much juice you have in your computer to push the 4444 around.

        Prores HQ or Pro 422 should be more than enough to cover your project.
        Prores 422 should work natively in Edius without conversion thus saving a generation loss. The bit rate is very similar to that of HQ.

        As far as Edius and downconverting, Edius 6.05 does a very good job now of HD>SD conversions.
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          ProRes 444 is nothing special- just 4:4:4 sampling, which is good for later filtering /color correction. ProRes (not HQ) is bit to lossy.


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            Thanks for the input guys, I appriecate this

            There options are ProRes

            I am using EDIUS 6.05 on a Q9650 at 3ghz with 8gig DDR2 800 ram and Windows 7x64 SP1

            I normally edit HDV and convert on the fly as capuring to Canopus HQ Fine.

            What format do you reckon would be good enough for the job, I understand that 4444 will be over kill, if I convert that to Canopus HQ Fine or HQX then will that be as good as just getting a ProRes Fine HQ and editing that natively.


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              ProRes HQ should work on your PC. If not convert to HQX.