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    I've found that some corrupt AVCHD files (from a Sony AX2000) may load into Edius 6.07 and even create a waveform on the time line, but will abnormally terminate E6 when playing on the timeline or using AVCHD Writer. In a some cases they just freeze the preview image and sound while advancing the timeline cursor, in other they fully terminate Edius. I would prefer if the file error would be handled within the E6 environment to enable directly isolating the problem file rathee that havng tio restart Edius, restore to project from the aviable backup file, and find the problem point.

    But I do not blame Edius for the abnormal termination. These corrupt files were 8 of 221 MTS files recovered from a SDHC card that the original Sony camcorder would no longer recognize. They could be copied to the PC using Win Explorer when the SDHC card was installed in a Canon XA10 that was battery powered (not A/C powered). Another 19 corrupt MTS files from this acrd will not even load into the Edius BIN, or VMW5, or VDUB.