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Print to Tape Problem

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  • antonsvideo
    try and press rec and play on VCR and then play the timeline

    to bring the export button into view, make the preview window bigger, or remove some other unwanted buttons, here are the buttons I usually keep and remove the others
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  • Liquidspaceman
    Guest started a topic Print to Tape Problem

    Print to Tape Problem

    From the Lagoon of Liquidspaceman...

    I am trying to view my timeline on my VCR. I am using Stormbay as my output connectors and using RCA cables to the vcr. In StormEdit 2.0, it works fine, but in Edius Pro 3.6... it doesn't work. It says it doesn't detect a vcr player. What setting am I missing. One last question along those lines. When I upgraded to 3.6... I don't see the export button on the tool bar. I have to click on the drop down button and I find it there. Is there a way to bring the button back along side the other buttons?

    ...Liquidspaceman, over and out