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2.5 Question about source monitor

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  • 2.5 Question about source monitor

    For some weird reason I can't get my source monitor to come up at all. I can only get the timeline window and the bin window but the source window won't show up even though I see all three in the task bar. Anyone have any ideas??

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    Try changing your windows resolution to something a bit higher/lower - restarting the app as you go.

    You can also try right clicking on the taskbar item called "EDIUS" (that's the source window) and choose "move" from the menu - I'm not sure if it's greyed out or not though. If it isn't, select it, press the arrow keys on the keyboard a couple of times and then move your mouse without any clicks - it should be dragging the source window around. Click to "drop" it in place.


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      I got it to work by going to task manager and found the window that wouldn't open and right clicked on it. I selected maximize (one of the right click choices) and it filled the whole screen. Then I fit it to size. Wow, am I glad that worked!!!