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Losing video quelity problems

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  • Losing video quelity problems

    Hello need help..I'm stuck here do not get the right video quality. I've edited an about one hour and thirty minutes video. The film was shot with Sony-EX1R video resolution HD 1440x1080 and i want to know that how can i get the best quelity export HQ-fin or HQX for dvd and HD or burn the video project to dvd direct from the Edius 6 timeline ??

    1: I have export print to file as HQ-fin and HQX both in 16,9 format, then burn to dvd 4,7GB from the Edius 6 timeline, but the quelity of the video it was not the same very poor.

    2: Burn my video project to dvd 4,7GB direct from the timeline, the same problem very poor quelity.

    The quelity of the export print to file HQ-fin and HQX looks very good on my pc harddriver. The problem is that when i burn it to dvd looks very poor quelity on HD-TV did not get the same video quelity.

    I really need help, how can i get the best quelity of my video shott. Am I doing somthing wrong here with project settings or Procoder master or anything else...Thanks
    EDIUS 8.1
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    Hi Mate

    Obviously your DVD is never going to look as good as your HD EX1 originals or the Canopus HQ...but you can get some very nice conversions...your EX1 footage can be particularly tricky due to the high detail of the images. There are several dozen threads here so go through them for some good information.
    Some extra software to consider would be TMPEG-AW5 and there are other freeware solutions.
    Links to a couple of threads.

    Antons site.

    This should get you started.

    As for mastering your files from Edius as a starting point: HQ Fine, HQX Super Fine, Canopus Lossless. Do some tests... you can make adjustments to the HQ, HQX so there is enough scope to satisfy all.

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