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  • Vista

    Will there be a patch in the near future so that Edius 4.5 will work with the new operating system?

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    It's working with Vista, but no hardware drivers for Grass Valley hardware and some other problems with Xplode and ProCoder Express....and of course maybe crashes etc.

    Stay away from Vista for a while. I know it's kind of hard with laptop manufacturers or computer builders (Like Dell, HP, etc) offering Vista, but stick with XP Pro SP2 for now until Vista is full mature for production work.

    Version 5.0 of Edius will probably be 100% Vista compatible because it's the new standard for Windows users....


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      By then, you might be forced to use Vista yourself :D


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        hi all

        now im using windows vista on my system

        edius 4.5 is working very will . i finished 2 projects on vista with edius 4.51c with no problem .

        just one thing , i have fire coder card with edius nx pci-e slot

        the fire coder card not support with vista .

        i have the new adobe programs cs3 and all support for vista .
        im using 3d max , you have to install sp2 for max from autodesk web site to run 3d max on vista .

        im very happy with vista and new edius and every think fine .


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          Thats great news :)
          When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.