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  • EDIUS 6.05

    just downloading... i just wonder (for moderators) if i could open 6.05 projects in a 6.03 machine... not sure if you understand... it is because we upgrade all our systems at time, but one is in the middle of a big project and is opening proijects from other machines very often...
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    It should work- this is the same version, just bug fixes.

    Fixes related to QT color shifts and other problems- cool :)


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      Not that I've tried this yet because I just saw the announcement for the update, but if you save the project with V6.05 the metadata will probably reflect that it was written using V6.05 and there is no guarantee that V6.03 will open it.

      I would make a backup of your project before you start experimenting.


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        Default linear keyframe interpolation!?!??!?! MAD!
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          Yes. Thank you Grass Valley! The combination of the arrow keys to move the matte, mouse scroll wheel to move forward on the timeline and default linear keyframes makes the mask tool a force to be reconed with.

          Very efficient.
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