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Help , Multicam doesn't work

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  • Help , Multicam doesn't work

    Hi all
    I need your help. Sorry for my poor English.
    I have trimmed the videos of the 3 cams using multicam about a month ago. I couldn't complete the whole project by then. I did trim only half of the project.
    Before closing the project I clicked on the " compressed to a single track " option ,though the half of the project unfinished , which then created a new VA track i.e 4 th track in my project.
    Now, after a month I started to complete the remaining half project with multicam function. But multicam funtion doesn't work now. It never cuts the video where I click my mouse. I have deleted the 4 th new track also but it didn't work. Can anyone tell me where did I go wrong and how can I complete my remaining videos to edit? Thanks.

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    Can you post a screenshot of the timeline? Make sure you are actually in multicam mode
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