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how to import xdcam ex-3 files to eduis 6.01 ?

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  • how to import xdcam ex-3 files to eduis 6.01 ?

    im beginner edius user .
    how to import xdcam ex-3 files to eduis 6.01 ?
    is my way true ?
    1 - open xd cam clip browser
    2- drag clip from there to edius bin .
    on this way import xml file to edius .
    is that true ?

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    YES ! It should work.
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      Thank you very much .


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        At first update to actual EDIUS version 6.03!
        Some bugfixes have been done!
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          You could also direct access the files using the Edius "MEdia Browser". It's the neighbor Tab from the BIN Tab (not shure how it named in the English Version of Edius). There you could preview directly from your XDCAM device, or if you have copied the whole XDCAM Directory from your CAm to Disc, then you could use it directly there from disc.

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            Source Browser here.
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