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  • Overcranking question

    I shot a video in 720p at 60fps.

    I created a new project with the following settings:
    720p 24 fps

    I import my clip to the bin.
    Put it in the timeline.

    I run it in the timeline... it shows realtime speed.

    I right click the clip on the timeline and click properties. It shows 60fps.
    I change the framerate to 24fps in the properties window that popped out when I right clicked to get properties.

    I rerun the clip and its still runs at realtime speed!

    How do I make this clip slow down?

    I tried looking at the manual and tried to search for "crank" with no success.
    I also googled... all I get is "you need to set your timeline to 24fps"... Argh....

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    Hi Mate

    Its better to select the clip in the bin and change the framerate there via the clips properties before dragging it to the timeline. Or in Edius 6x you can create a subclip via trimming of the part you want to slow down in the player window and adding it to the bin then again changing the framerate of the subclip via the subclips properties before dragging to the timeline.... this method will allow you to create subclips at various framerates for use in the same timeline and retain the original clips framerate.

    One thing... you should have recieved a popup dialog window warning you that you were about to change the framerate of a clip on the timeline...if this did not popup then you may need to change your user settings --> source --> automatic correction --> adjust framerate when loading clip.. and remove the checkmark.

    If you need to change the framrate back to the original then again do it in the bin as on the timeline it does not always take.

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      Thanks a lot! I'll try that! I was pounding my head on that for a while.

      There was a warning about changing the framerate of the clip in the timeline.


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        I was able to change framerates in the bin and in the player window as well! Worked like a charm!