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Upconverting - is it my imagination, or . . .

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  • Upconverting - is it my imagination, or . . .

    I just had to put a small web based 320 x 240 class video into a DV based presentation, and I thought it would look like heck. However, once I put it on the timeline in Edius 6, it turned out looking quite good in the final render.

    This leads me to believe the sizing in E6 has improved over previous versions, as before, I would need to run video like this through a program with supersamplng, like Topaz Enhance, to get it to look reasonably good.

    All I had to do was apply a slight bit of sharpening and play with deinterlacing in the old movie filter to get rid of some motion artifacting, and it was good to go. The original was a QT file with h264. The final exported from Edius was a WMV file. When it hit the big screen projector, it really surprised me as to how good it looked.

    Anyone else notice an improvement? I believe there was some discussion of downscaling improvement in the forum, so I'm wondering if the improvement goes both ways.

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    Both ways- resizing algorythm has been improved.
    Supersample method is only good for 2,4,8... x resizing.
    All these "magic software" do the same as free Lanczos or Spline resizing in avisynth (VDub).