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Multicam Clip Slide/NX Output Question

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    Thanks and I appreciate that I am late to the party. I will keep on learning about Edius 6 before making a judgement.

    I have been reading posts about this for 9 months but until you can not do something in a project that you have always done it does not hit home.

    I tried turning off all of the headers and it still does not copy correctly in multicam.

    Also, so the single track extension in multicam will not work unless I select that specific track. Is there a way around this? I don't understand the need to always extend every camera.

    Asus Prime X299-A - Intel i9 7900x all cores @4.3GHz 2 cores @4.5GHz - 32GB RAM - NVidia GTX1070 - Edius 9 WG - BM Intensity 4k - Boris RED - Vitascene 2 - Windows 10


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      As I said you can have all track headers on is that fits your editing style.
      I can copy and paste clips and they keep there state.
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