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Allergy to the predictions

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  • Allergy to the predictions

    Surely the administrators and moderators of the Forum to meet a directive and act accordingly. Compared to this time ............ but why ostracism of those who want only to satisfy human and an innocent curiosity?
    Thank you, I apologize and............. close.

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    No idea what he's talking about.

    Maybe try going into settings and un-check ""Allergy".
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      I'm going to take a leap here and surmise that he's asking why the moderators and admins limit speculation in the forum.

      The answer is two-fold.
      1. Speculation raises expectations, and when speculations are incorrect, disappointment results.

      2. Rampant speculation is often mistaken for fact, leading people buying things on that speculation (even when told numerous times not to), which then leads to a customer who has bought something they thought would work for their purposes, but in reality does not.

      In short... buy the product for what it does at the time of purchase. If it doesn't do what you want/need it to do at the time of purchase decision, either delay the purchase, or buy something that does. Don't buy something on the promise of future support of anything. The industry is far too volatile to fulfill all promises, no matter the best intentions or resources.

      By limiting speculation, we protect our (potential) customers - and ourselves.