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    The advice given was for a specific case . If the user does not want to import all the folders in the bin and you insist for him to use such an option you want to force him to use a method which you think is best.
    As Anton already pointed out they do exactly the same at import to bin.
    The difference is that when you import a sequence you have the choice over what you want to do.
    You don't have to bring anything in the bin , you can copy files to project folder and even the rendered files.
    So essentially when you want choice (as most people want) import sequence is the better way.

    Import sequence is not rocket science.

    Is about choice. You can have every sequence if you want. Just leave the sequence you which to actually need open, as Anton has explained close all other sequences.
    After you have imported that sequence all others are accessible in the bin when you chooses import bin, as are all other files, everything in the project you imported.

    But there are many situations where you don't want to import the bin just the sequence and with the import sequence you can just do that and add only the files in the sequence to a new folder in the bin.

    Yes I have seen the import in the bin function but don't use it because you don't have any control when importing. I even had forgotten it was there.

    Most EDIUS editors I know and I know many use the import sequence. Even some post houses because of choice.

    The great thing is that both methods are presented in this thread. Anyone reading it can decide which method will works best in his/her editing situation.
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