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    hi there!
    sorry if im repeating sthng but ill work for a tv channel and i have to learn asap edius im familiar with adobe premier and a bit of final cut and avid so if u have any proposals on how i could find some tutorials (id prefer text but if theres only video ok!) so that i could work at home as well with the program.
    Thanx in advance

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    Hi marydarko,

    I suppose you should check out at first where you can find few training videos for EDIUS 4 and also few for 4.5.

    Also if you are using EDIUS 4.51 you could check also HELP (F1). The help files in this version are really good.

    And you should also search the internet for some tutorials and tips, I am sure you will find some useful tutorials.

    Good luck!


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      The Canopus distributors in Athens can help you as well... Just give them a call... ;-)
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        There's also some really good news on a training package that will be made public in a few weeks. I can say that because someone else has actually already let the cat out of the bag on another forum, haven't they Mr D.
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          Try remapping the keyboard to match Premiere's or FCP keys, then you won't have to clutter the brain with a new set.