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DVStorm 2 - No colour on output monitor?

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  • DVStorm 2 - No colour on output monitor?

    Yes, as the titles suggests, I have been putting up with a b&w screen for ages now - just forgot about it. Its horrible and unusable. I figure its the card because any other imput to the monitor is colour as normal.

    Any suggestions?


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    NX starts looking better all the time. ;)

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      Yeah, can't wait for NX - its in the mail :) As is a blue-ray burner, and encore CS3 :) Today I did a small test with some first-time captured HDV footage. Check it out (probably boring to most)

      Look at the detail in leaves - even the out of focus stuff looks better (on the timeline much more so) - photoshop's interpolation is doing this SD justice.
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        Sorry about the bigish pic - I'll keep them to thumbnails in the future...
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          Which screen is BW, the overlay or the PAL monitor?

          If it is the PAL monitor are you connecting to the S-Video or Composite connector?


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            Hi there,

            Its the Pal Monitor that is showing B&W, just a simple CRT. I am using S-VIDEO, and a convertor to RCA, into video in. The tv has no S-VIDEO in.
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              could be a problem with your S-video to composite converter

              try composite all the way instead of S-video
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                Hey that worked. Thanks very much. Don't know why i didn't try that....
                When I go out, I wear my EDIUS T-Shirt.