I have an audio track that is set to a very low volume (ambient noise) and sometimes I need to raise the volume (crown cheers\claps). Since the track is set to very low (around -28db), even if I raise the audio keyframes to max, the volume is not loud enough. So what I do is have an empty audio track beneath it, with a 0db level, and I have to cut the part I need louder, place it on the lower track and fade in and out the cut clip.

Is there a way to set a min\max volume levels for keyframes? So say, by raising the rubber band on an audio clip would raise the volume by 10's\5's db instead of 1's? This would make my work a lot easier by just raising the keyframes to max without having to cut clips.

p.s. If there is no way, I will post this in the requests forum.