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Looking for a shortcut from edius 5 in 6

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    Originally posted by GrassValley_PS View Post
    Why do you even need to get into Trim mode? Almost everything can be done in regular mode.
    That was my point. In Edius 5, if you wanted to trim to extend an IN point that you had trimmed earlier, all you had to do was press Page Up to go to the IN point of the current clip and then < or > to trim or expand. But in Edius 6, Page Up or Down don't do anything unless first you go into Trim mode and then out, only then Page Up and Down do what they did in Edius 5, but that's only if "Trim Mode (In point)" or "Trim Mode (Out Point)" were selected, because if Slide, Slip or Roll were selected in the Trim Mode box, then still Page Up or Down don't do anything.

    So clearly it was faster and easier in Edius 5, why was that functionality removed?
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