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    Yes the CX700 transfer time is 3 times slower than the XR500, the SR11 and the FMU128 from the NX5U. All my projects are shows so end up being around 2 hours. The SR11, XR500 and NX5U will transfer 2 hours in about 12 min but the CX700 takes about 30 mins to transfer. I too have thought about using a 32G SD card and using that which I will try next week with a show.

    I always use the Sony transfer utilities, EX utility, CMU or the PMB. The advantage is they join files and also rename to date and time for the clips so the clips have a real useful name. The AVCHD files also go into a directory I set for the project and are then backed up to LTO3 tape as a group. For family shots the PMB also records GPS data and will sort by face etc. The PMB is used mainly for family stuff as the theatre clips are removed from hard drives once edit is complete. Family stuff is always on the hard drive so I can look up shots of holidays or grandsons etc in the calendar view of PMB. However all the files now will have the date and time as the file name for all cameras and will be unique as cameras are started at slightly different times at least. It is of course important to have the camera time correct another useful feature for the GPS !!!

    I never edit from camera. For me there are several operations. Shoot video, backup what I have taken ( transfer and backup), then edit, then output to whatever format I choose. By transferring and thus creating a unique file you have the opportunity to reedit at a later date. If you edit from the camera it will be a non unique file name like 00002.MTS that is used every time the camera records. Which is much more useful as 20110811095805.m2ts that gives date and time in the file name. August the 11th, 2011 at 9:58 in the morning.

    Don't wait for the camera to fill up like you have shown. I back up after every shoot. PMB can be set up to only transfer files it does not have on the PC so this is quick if there is only an hour of shots at a time. AT the speed of my transfer it should take about 30 mins for every 2 hours or about 20G or so. For what you show it should only take 4 hours for the whole camera memory to transfer. For the 60G you have used about 3 hours. Are you sure you are using a USB2 interface?
    Ron Evans
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    Ron Evans

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        Originally posted by Andrzej View Post
        There is no reason why to use HQ for AVCHD, but not for HDV or 50Mit MPEG2.
        Thx for the clarification, I always edit in hqavi, just because it's so smooth editing and scrolling the timeline when doing multicam and color corrections. Also when rendering back out to a hqavi file (as I use that as master for HD, dvd and webdelivery) it's much faster which is a big timesaver.

        Only filesize can multiply 8x with a 16mbs avchd file and that can be a problem, I have 6 internal drives and especially the edit drives fills up real quick when working on multiple projects at the same time.

        But Since I now discovered that the hqstandard setting produces a visually equal quality file at much smaller filesize I will work with that from now on.


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          Originally posted by timothychew View Post
          Thanks for the info ..

          I will get 2 x 2TB HD
          And Backup the RAW and the HQ standard

          BUt about the Bit .. I am Also Using CX700 and XR550

          Do i Need to use 1080i or 1080 p FOr mY project

          And 8 bit or 10 bit .??
          1080p or i- always try to match camera setting.

          Stick with 8bit.


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            OK now
            I will keep a copy of video
            1) with title and music
            2) without title and music

            what I mean is after edit

            some of you mention HQ standard

            if there any smaller format to keep
            like m2ts or MXF

            is it OK for reedit