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Colours in 4.5 are making me want to....

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  • roscoe_video
    Dave thanks for the reply.

    Where do I change the colours in the settings? I have changed Windows back to Classic as suggested, but that changed it in a way I had no control over. If there is some way to specify each colour of the interface, then I've definitely missed it.

    And to address your other point, both GUI and functionality are important, but if one precludes the other then that is not a good thing. I've designed GUI's before, and we always took the form over function track, because if users cannot understand it, they won't use it, so then it's functionality becomes a moot point.

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  • SRsupport
    Are we looking at the same interface?
    Hmm you can change the colors.
    Anyway Sorry that you don't like it.
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    About the cursor flying???????? Is there something wrong with your setup?
    Because I don't think I have seen anything flying in edius besides effects and when I have footage of any aircraft. Strange


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    The interface has gotten many positive responses. You can change the color scheme in the settings.

    I personally like it very much, and I use many other NLE's daily.

    What's more important to you? The GUI or functionality? I am guessing the former because of your long rant about the GUI.........I prefer functionaly. I do agree that there are a bunch of tiny detailed "bugs" that need to be fixed, and I know for sure that they are working on it.

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  • roscoe_video
    started a topic Colours in 4.5 are making me want to....

    Colours in 4.5 are making me want to....

    I'm very dissapointed in GV for releasing this upgrade and hard coding the interface colours into it. Didn't anybody stop and think for a moment that maybe there are some users out there that don't want an even uglier interface than we already have.

    I've put up with a lot of stumbles and bumbles along the way, but to stuff up something so straight forward, someone should be looking for a new vocation.

    To say this is on the unapproved list, and it will be looked at in due course, makes me even more steamed. Don't they understand that I'm looking at this colouring-in colour scheme from a 3 year old, all day.

    All day.

    I've designed software myself, and GV is not acquitting itself with either it's development control or it's QC. The product design team need to be put in the corner and told, you either fix this goofy stuff up now, right now, or you can start taking support calls.

    I mean really stuffing up the interface like this, unbelievable.

    And after all this time, still not able to stop the cursor flying all over the place, and that's just the most frequent reminders of this kind of ineptitude. To say that you have to get into the mindset of the designer.... How about they get in the mindset of the user for a change? That old chestnut is always put forward when the designers are unable to make the changes.

    Have the development team got themselves into such a mess that they can't fix these things? Because that's what it sounds like to me. The base code has ended up not being able to be modified. I've seen this before, a product starts out being very responsive to customer requirements, then no-one effectively polices the changes, they are done add hoc, and then the next release can't incorprate all of the add hoc changes that were previously made, and bingo we get the same problem coming back, and even new problems, because the add -hoc changes were tested, but by recoding other problems are introduced.

    Classic version control stuff.

    These kind of problems were sorted out 15 years ago in professional development environments. GV need to get on top of this right now or Edius is already dead.

    GV I'm very disappointed in these latest changes, you've lost one of the few that have been banging away evangelising Edius.

    This interface makes me so mad, I'm finishing the 3 projects I have running at the moment under 4.5, and going back to 3.61 before I start looking for something else. At least 3.61 doesn't make me want to throw up every time I look at it.

    Edius 4.5 - GV your bad.

    Ross Herewini