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    Originally posted by roscoe_video View Post
    I'm very dissapointed in GV for releasing this upgrade and hard coding the interface colours into it.

    Ross Herewini
    Hi Ross, many of us have been down the same path regarding development and code regression issues, however it seems much improved 4.51 and I am expecting more, and better for future versions...

    What exactly are the issue you have with the new interface though? - You tended to say how frustrated you were with it, but I didn't notice any useful feedback for the designers to take note of? I like this interface as much as the older one - I used it since V 1.0, but to say a 3yo made it seems harsh in my opinion. But your specific issues with it would be welcome to add to the 'mix' I'm sure..

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      I like the new interface too. I do not work too much with buttons (I think they could be done better), I do not like the way GV is working with customers and forgot promices- they said that at the time ver4.5 will be out, there will be tutorials... They put tutorials late and not in full. They promiced video out drivers for Adobe CS3, but published for CS2.
      But Edius 4.51c is good, little buggy, but good. Of course, I would like support for nVidia cards- update for Xplode Pro and- for Edius or replacing them with new effects package, that will work with nVidia, better Boris RED plugin (switch that tracks numbers please!!!), plug for Blufftitler etc.
      What about your cursor... that may be also lack of tutorials... (not jumping on my machine)
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        I would like to add my vote for letting the user have control over the timeline clip color. The choice of color for this particular version disturbs me at first glance, nauseates me after about an hour, has me dropping in and out of epileptic fits by the end of the day….

        Really, user defined clip colors for timeline tracks have been around practically since the inception of NLEs. What gives?

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          Timeline Clip Color workaround

          Ahhhhh, this should help decrease the amount of time I spend in epeleptic shock.....

          In the bin window you can change the clip color to whole groups of clips at once. Multiple Select all of your clips before you start sorting them, right click on any one and choose say a more nutural gray from the clip color option, and now you are back to a more normal Edius look.

          ASUS ROG Strix Z490- E, i9 10900 @ 2.8G, 32GRam, Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti