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How could I controll the audo channels separately ???

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  • How could I controll the audo channels separately ???

    Most of the Time I film using both audio channels, ( Ch1 & Ch2 ) with my panasonic AG-HMC 151.
    ch1: FOR atmospher , music
    CH2: Interviews , talks,.....

    How could I control the two channel separately , so I can edit each one separately from the other, raise the voice or make it low, ......etc.

    The thing that I can do in the mean time just to choose if CH1 is used or CH2
    when going to channel settings in properties .

    seconf how could I make HD DVD ?
    Do I need HD DVD disc or I can do that using Normal DVD Discs

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    Use a split EDIT. V and A tracks not VA tracks. (it's easier)

    Audio ch1 to A1 and ch2 to A2.
    Set the track patches to mono and drag them to the appropriate track.

    Note: You can use Va tracks with selection in properties to send out the correct track.
    Choosing either mono 1 or 2.

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      Hi Sharif.

      I have a similar setup with two seperate audio channels being recorded with seperate audio on each one.

      Here is how I do a typical set up:

      Start the Edius project with two channel audio output, for most things you do not need more than two audio bus channels. It does not matter if it's HD or SD.

      I usually start of with four physical audio tracks. I do not use any A/V tracks. Use as many video tracks as you need, I usually start with two, but you can add more later.

      In the audio routing it's important to route your audio tracks to mono channels. This is because you are using mono sources off your camera tracks, and it's easier to keep your clip audio centered when you add to the timeline. My starting point is then as follows.

      V1 and audio track 1 for audio channel 1 off the camera clip with audio track 2 for channel 2 off the camera.

      V2 and audio track 3 for audio channel 1 off the camera clip with audio track 4 for channel 2 off the camera.

      I then add any further sets of channels the same way, 1 video with 2 audio tracks, and do the routing as above.

      Just to be safe. When I add content to the timeline I make sure there is no panning info or volume info in audio by re-setting them. This should not need to be done, but I do it out of habit.

      All your audio should now play in the center of the stereo field when you add it. From here you can pan and change volume on an individual clip basis.

      If you keep any constant audio from different clips all on the same audio track, say a person talking. You can then use the channel audio mixer fader to control and balance that voice.

      This is just a basic description, from here you can get creative with ungrouping the audio and moving it etc. and get into track pan and level automation.

      You can of course add stereo audio channels later for the likes of stereo music tracks or stereo atmosphere or whatever.

      When I am doing complicated mixes or need better audio facilities like dynamics EQ and spatial/environments etc. I will do an export and mix in a DAW (digital audio workstation) then re-import the final stereo mix back to Edius.

      Hope this helps.




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        thanks all
        I will try to do what did you say and we will see
        I will let you know everything


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          I tryied to make what did you say, but nothing changed
          In final Cut pro 7 , when we drag the clip to the timeline automatically
          the two audio channels are set on the two audio tracks directly as recorded in the camcorder and we can controll each
          as i said:
          CH1 interviews ,.....
          CH2: music , atmosphere ,.....
          as recorded in camcorder
          see the attached photo

          help me please , write me how to do that ???????????
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            Sorry for Interruption?

            Really , I would like to thank you all,
            After I have posted my last reply , I have tried once more
            and I got the point, so I am really thankful to you all.

            Another question please as I was a Final Cur pro user I now I am working with edius 6 ?

            ** Is there edius version for Windows 64 Bit system ?
            ** Is there any RGB parade for color corretion like FCP 7 in edius 6 ?
            if yes where can we find it ?