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friendly suggestion>column "About this Forum"

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  • friendly suggestion>column "About this Forum"

    Please excuse my "gibberish" english.......

    Only a friendly suggestion for a read\write column with substance >About this Forum< [or whatever name is convenient]

    In the column >> Desktop/Professional Users > Editing with EDIUS << exist the topic with the most replays [20]
    and it is named (and handled)....... "Forum organization" ..........and in this topic (in the "Editing with EDIUS" column) I read:

    The structure was discussed at length but we are always open to suggestions :)

    We are discussing the suggestions and any options. :)

    As Mike said, things are flexible - consider this a trial period

    as old men, I see many "forum-changes" from different companies in the bygone year's ...... but not one without a read\write colum
    for user can ask about the new forum things
    for suggestion's .... about user-friendly features, forum legibility, forum discernibility, forum discernability

    friendly greetings from europe\austria\vienna .... old Hans
    Edius 5,51 / Edius 6.08 / Edius 6.54(b) / Neo 3.0 / Neo 3.5