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Anyone tried 3hr export?

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    Originally posted by AshleyGuy View Post
    I had some audio synch issues yesterday on a 5 minute project. My audio was an MP3 and played perfect in the project. When I exported out as a lossless AVI the audio ended up being a few seconds shorter than the video. I changed the audio to a WAV and it exported perfect. I always recommend against using compressed audio (or even JPGS for that matter), so I should have known better.
    Just on this, and a warning to others who use MP3 files as a source. Not all MP3s are equal. I'm seeing more and more the use of variable bitrate encoding (VBR) with MP3s. Generally, these will often give you sync errors at render time.

    Playback and rendering are two different beasts. It might sound ok on the timeline...but when you're repackaging/reeencoding that audio data, Strange Things™ can and do happen.